Yeehaa Kiosk - Fusion Steaks for Everyone!

Yeehaa Kiosk is a stall focused on selling take-away & western food munchies.

It utilizes cost-effective, standard cooking equipment with proven cooking technique to ensure food served is of consistent quality and rich in taste.

Six main dishes are served which are country chicken chop, country lamb chop, black pepper steak, beef sausage roll, chicken sausage roll, cowboy beef, beef country roll and chicken country roll.

News & Updates

Blog and Win a Trip To Australia
Monday - 7th March 2011

Do you want to win a FREE flight ticket to Australia? If you have dreamt of visiting Australia, now is your chance!

Write a story on your blog and get the highest "likes" on facebook for your story. It's that easy to win!

The competition starts on 8th March 2011 until 15th of April 2011. Please click here to know more or enter the competition.

Yeehaa Kiosk Business Opportunity

Friday - 25th February 2011

Now all aspiring entrepreneurs could open up their own western food outlet. Yeehaa Kiosk is the brainchild of KMJ Supplies Sdn Bhd, a locally incorporated franchisor which manages the "Perfect Fresh & Frozen" brand.

A kiosk costs RM11,000 in which RM 3,500 is given back to the entrepreneur as initial working capital. An entrepreneur could opt to run the kiosk on a part-time basis (after work from 6pm - 11pm).

The company is committed to growing successful entrepreneurs by providing initial training and constantly monitoring sales performance of each kiosk.

For experienced entrepreneurs, a distributorship role is available. The distributor is in charge of supplying raw materials to kiosks and provide business support to help kiosk entrepreneurs grow their sales. Distributors benefit from the close relationships with their kiosk entrepreneurs to grow their income.

Entrepreneurs meet up with the company alongside distributors once every 2 months to discuss improvements for the business as a whole. This is to ensure Yeehaa Kiosk entrepreneurs would benefit fully from the support given by the company.

A kiosk could generate sales of up to RM 15,000 per month and give a yield of 30% net profit margin. Please click "Business Opportunity" to register for the Business Preview session.

Contact Us / Directions

No 15, Jalan Impian Murni 1/5,
Saujana Impian
Kajang, Selangor 43000

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